Successful web direct sales of manufacturing industry


Success example

Do you have such a trouble either?

  • I wanted to convey their techniques well, but do not understand a method
  • I do not understand how to gather access to the companysite well
  • Cost-effectiveness does not look at the listing advertisement
  • I want to give search order in SEO, but do not understanda method
  • I want to increase opportunities to meet eyes of many people in company site

Client who introduced me had a trouble similar to you. However, there is the company opening a major company and the business partner including “Toyota Motor Corporation, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., Japan Air Lines Co., Ltd., Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. Co., Ltd., company Resona Bank, government offices” now.

【Comment】:When orders of 13 million yen were decided, there were three other competitors with our company. The first company is a listed company. The second company is the biggest player of the same company (company with about 300 employees) The third company is a company with technical skills that the prime minister visited.

The fact that our company, a micro enterprise, was able to take orders was said to have been made visible. In other words, we were able to provide benefits to our customers. I think that it is an appearance of the result.

【Comment】:The sales of 15 million yen in 6 months was able to be upgraded, the past record is recognized and the promotion order value has tripled.

The apartment in European taste we deal with will be recruited at a rent which is 15 to 20% higher than the market price. By appealing the appeal and introducing it to tenants who want to move in, the charm of the building has come to be transmitted.

Even if the owner of the property also builds the property, it is uneasy not to be fully booked, so the contract expenses of the promotion can now be contracted with pleasure even with the price three times more than one million yen .

【Comment】:From our blog, inquiries from clients of Europe, inquiries entered, we made samples from there, repeated the tests and made a quotation for about 3 million yen contract for this visit to Japan It was done.

While advancing negotiations, shampoo and treatments that are currently imported from Japan change all of the purchase of 120 million yen (10 million yen a month) for our annual purchase, so we want to contract immediately became.

【Comment】: “It should be able to sell if you make even good products”, two years ago when I was dedicated to product development. Though it was sold at 30,000 yen, now the items themselves are almost the same, but now the unit price of merchandise has become 10 times more than 300,000 yen so that it can sell.

Besides, it is rather satisfying as the expensive price is more pleasing to our customers. Today, customers came all the way from Tokyo to our company in Tokyo every weekend to come to purchase.


What is technical visualization

「Promotion through technology visualization」
Special company(Offer of the consulting)

Visualization of technology visualizes the manufacturing process of manufacturing industry and contents of technological innovation that builds quality are conveyed, and we will innovate new corporate customers by communicating their identity and appeal.


Manufacturing industry: weakening international competitiveness in Japan

In Japan, the manufacturing industry accounts for 18.5% of the gross domestic product (FY 2013), which is a major industry supporting the Japanese economy after the service industry.

However, the current situation in the Japanese manufacturing industry is severe, and international competitiveness has declined in the last decade.

Especially, the decline in the mass production type such as home appliances in the product field where the life cycle is fast is remarkable. Products that have mechanical and complicated structures such as office machinery, automobiles, machine tools and others still maintain the competitiveness of Japan, but this also can not be optimistic.

Until now, deployment to overseas with low manufacturing cost has been promoted, but as the labor cost of the country rises and manufacturing costs begin to soar, it falls into a vicious circle of considering relocation to another country, domestic regression We are also considering the flow of. Furthermore, in Japan, as the declining birthrate and the aging population advances, the decrease in the working population is in doubt. This is the opportunity to change the method of fundamentally manufacturing creation of value added when the conventional way of “cost competition” is no longer valid.


Strengths and Weaknesses of SMEs

The figure on the right is the result of a questionnaire survey of the Osaka Branch of the Bank of Japan and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry surveyed by the Osaka district for the small and medium manufacturing industry [points considered as their strengths and weaknesses].

According to this questionnaire, “Technological capability and development capability (58.9%)” is the No. 1 place for its strengths. On the other hand, we are ranked # 1 in terms of our own weaknesses (45.7%), “marketing power, sales channels and market development ability”.

As can be seen from this questionnaire, Japan’s small and medium-sized manufacturing industry has weak ability to connect research and development results and technology to corporate profits, and efforts to generate revenue from technologies possessed such as acquiring international standards are insufficient I will. The Commerce & Industry Research Institute represents the current Japanese manufacturing industry as follows.

For Japan’s small and medium-sized manufacturing industry, evaluation is often made that “we have high technical skills, ability to manufacture, but marketing power, sales force is weak”.

Especially in the small and medium order manufacturing type small and medium manufacturing enterprises, there were many patterns that depend on the parent enterprise for functions such as planning, development and marketing, and that their company concentrates exclusively on efficient production. Even when small and medium-sized manufacturers develop their own products and develop new markets, despite developing products that utilize proprietary technologies and innovative products, they are not linked to sales, I often hear cases such as struggling with.

Foundation corporation Industry Research Institute: quoting from marketing strategy of small and medium manufacturing industry】


What makes visibility attract customers?

The visualization attracting customers contribute to new development by utilizing the technical strength and development capability that Japanese SMEs are most proud of for marketing. Specifically, who, when, where, what, and how are you incorporating quality at each stage of the production process from product planning to completion? We will convey the real value of the product to the customer through the web site by making the technology called contents.

→→→ Production process →→→

Visualization Aiming to realize with attracting customers is to “create a company with a competitive advantage, tell it on the Internet, and increase profits.” When a company that is interested in your products compares your products with competing products, it is an activity to optimize so that you can choose your products with peace of mind.

For example, if you can not see the production process of rival companies in the same industry, it means that the value of the goods has not been well communicated to customers, so it seems to be “expensive so expensive?” Meanwhile, visualizing the production process makes it easier for customers to choose from trustworthy customers who trust that “this one can be trusted” even if the amount is high.



“Visibility boosters” that visualize technology have helped new developments of more than 200 companies and have achieved numerous achievements. “Why do you get results?” Received opinions from various professional perspectives such as management consultants, bank staff, engineers, executives and others.


Difference from other companies

  1. Strengths become clearer by “visualizing technology”
    It is the only company in Japan that specializes in creating new development by visualizing the technology that builds quality.
  2. In technology visualization, to acquire identity!
    By visualizing the production process, you can acquire uniqueness different from other companies that were not visible.
  3. Extraction of “production technology incorporating quality” is possible
    Quality control Since there is 13 years experience, it is possible to extract production technology that incorporates quality.
  4. More than 200 companies in 20 industries New development support 10 years
    Since I have 10 years of marketing experience, it is possible to connect technology to new development.
  5. SEO is also strong at Own Media that earns trust!
    By visualizing the technology in the production process, it is possible to produce content that generates customer trust.
  6. Consultant wearing a tuxedo
    I think that this is a major difference from other consultants. Wearing a tuxedo, I will participate in a performance of a gala party, a ball, a big band, etc. I also love yachting and playing such as cruiser yachts and dinghy yachts.


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